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Out of the Box constitutes a professional and marketing platform for the insurance agent, to finding insurance solutions, primarily focusing on liability insurance, via Lloyd’s underwriters. The direct access to the global insurance market, coupled with professional knowledge of the many available possibilities in insurance markets around the world, position OOTB as a bridge for the insurance agent to provide unique insurance solutions.

OOTB specializes in liability insurance coverage – third party liability, employers’ liability, product liability and professional liability. Following is a partial list of issues and professions we address:
Work at heights | Security companies | Money couriers | Pest control (excluding agriculture) | Cleaning companies | Human resources companies | Sprinkler Installers | Private investigators | Gas Technicians | Gas companies | Cannabis companies | FinTech Companies | Event organizers | Dog trainers | Electricians | Plumbers | Carpenters | Event venues | Renovation contractors | Large contract projects | Community centers | Fitness centers and country clubs | Swimming pools | Lifeguards | Pool operators | Pubs | Supermarkets | Inflatables | Alarm and security product installers | Tire sales and services | Shopping malls (strip malls with special permits) | And so much more.

OOTB operates via hundreds of agents throughout Israel and some of the industry’s leading agencies.
OOTB comprises a team of people who live, breath and speak insurance.
The agency and staff are prominently characterized by reliability and personal attention, featuring the foundation of its success.

OOTB is looking for you, the insurance agent seeking to specialize in a unique market niche and reach new, unconquered heights.
Join us and gain a huge arsenal of liability insurance solutions.
Together we will tailor the suit to fit your clients.

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